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Krooked Nation
Krooked NationSunday, October 8th, 2017 at 12:52am
Tomorrow we play the Anvil with Young States and Crossing The Limits, come on down and get rowdy x
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Krooked Nation
Krooked NationFriday, September 22nd, 2017 at 8:37am
The wonderful world of Facebook, its been a while...

We've been busy, very busy, and boy is there a storm coming.

For the last year we have played limited shows, had a limited presence online, but have been writing/working/experimenting continuously to create something we all truly believe in.

Firstly, you may have seen his face at some recent show, but super happy to have Matthew Maidment playing drums for us, and it's a pleasure to have this talent on our side.

As a band we wanted to take a new direction, do something different to what we have previously done; all of us have moved away from home and have changed and grown as people, as well as a band. We feel that Krooked Nation is a new animal, and we cannot wait for it to be unleashed.

In early 2018 we will be heading to 'The Ranch House' in Southampton to record our new EP, and all four of us couldn't be more excited to share what we have been up too. Its been a long, stressful, rewarding and enlightening year, but we feel very passionate about what we have created, and what we stand for.

We are only playing a handful of shows for the rest of the year, but the awesome Callum Gough has put us on a fantastic bill at the wonderful anvil in bournemouth on the 8th October; its been a long time coming.

As always, thank you for the support and love,

KN x
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Krooked Nation
Krooked NationSunday, June 4th, 2017 at 4:53am
Last night was such a good night, cheers for everyone that came down!

Also big shout to Black Orchid Empire, Kahtet and Regional One for incredible sets.

Things are being cooking up, we can't wait to show everyone. Watch this space

KN x
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Krooked Nation
Krooked NationSaturday, June 3rd, 2017 at 1:03am
This is tonight! We're on around 9pm, come on down and have a drink with us

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Krooked Nation
Krooked NationFriday, May 19th, 2017 at 10:23pm
We have been pretty MIA as of late, what with finishing university and things like that, but we're slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things.

It's been too long since we played in the good ol' anvil, so why don't you join us their on the 2nd of June when we support Black Orchid Empire? Ok? Good

We've knuckled down and wrote some really promising music, that will reach your ears sometime in the near future, but for now come down and have a good time, drink, jump around, and thank Lifeboat Promotions for continually killing it as per usual.

KN x

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